Hats for kids made in mini series by a french designer. Trendy, Smart et Poétic.

  • French Béret
    French Béret

    Wine, baguette, cheese, la Tour Eiffel? Perhaps not, but the French béret certainement!

    The béret is an inevitable emblem of France, fashion and femininity.

    This beret made of soft leather is retro and fun, the perfect touch of French-touch.

    A unique headdress for each little lady, helping her become an inspired young woman.

    Each béret is of artisanal creation making it a personal piece. Lined with a pretty printed cotton fabric to make heads turn.

    Ideal hat for winter and mid-season: waterproof and warm for cloudy, rainy and cold times.

  • Gob Hat
    Gob Hat

    Look in vogue, endearing mix of urban sailor and Gangsta’ Kids.

    Pick it in leather or vinyl, depends on your style !

    A must have!!

  • Aviator Hat
    Aviator Hat

    A must fashion accessory for all little explorers. This piece is inspired by the Little Prince’s fantasy adventure world:

    Growns-up never understand anything on their own, and it is tiring for the children to always and always give them explanations.”

    The Little Prince, Antoine de St Exupéry

    The Aviator hat, the symbol of childhood, as an explorator.

    In leather or in vinyl, depend on your style.

    To be noted absolutely:

    this object must be kept for life, keeping alive the memory of the child within.

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Showing 1 - 10 of 15 items