Discover creations of high-end leather bags and accessories, combining elegance, rock, humor and poetry. Different models of bags and the world of children with hats from 0 to 6 years old. Each piece is exclusive and will appeal to aficionados of beautiful materials, handmade, in search of a unique style.

Rue Désirée, to celebrate its uniqueness. Unique pieces or mini-series, practical, beautiful and resistant, in the style that suits you. Made in my workshop in Villefranche-sur-Sâone. Rue Désirée combines local French manufacturing with first choice materials to offer you this guarantee of quality.



P R O D U C T I O N 

RUE DÉSIRÉE offers a collection in robust and luxurious materials. The brand is committed to creating items of irreproachable quality and attaches extreme significance to relations with its suppliers, by choosing materials that are ethical, environmentally friendly and ensure you traceability. Through these choices of materials and manufacture, RUE DÉSIRÉE wishes to support the French production through fashion and craftsmanship.

RUE DÉSIRÉE keeps on control, assures quality respect Leather : . Our suppliers put all their effort into insuring the quality of the skins and guarantee the European origin of their leather. All the products used for tanning and in the work process are respectful of the environment and in accordance with the European standards.

Rue Désirée also strives to source so-called "upcycled" skins, either skins that have already been used and which are processed, or skins that come from destocking by major luxury brands. 

RUE DÉSIRÉE defends a “local” production at a world scale. The production is done in France. We support the local business and keep a permanent control on the quality of our products. We share the ethical responsibilities of production, respect for the environment (reduced transport, respect of the imposed standards), and work in a healthy and equitable team atmosphere.

Rue Désirée, a Lyon woman at heart, loves Beauty and Cool, Leather and Rock. Through its products, the brand offers luminous leather goods with a selection of shiny skins and quirky and joyful proposals that are always chic and timeless.

A vision that the designer wishes to share with her clients. Listening to them, she likes to highlight the uniqueness of each one by personalizing their bag. From N.W.A to Madonna: a single slogan 'Express Yourself'!

The sources of inspiration for RUE DÉSIRÉE are found in the creations offered; the fashion that rocked my childhood, leather, sewing, hats. From these images that permeate me, I create and mix with this happy nostalgia a touch of pop and rock with bright colors.

Keeping an elegant look with the modernity of today offering simples and casuals designs.

Since childwood, in the family house in « les pierres dorées », surrounded by my grand-mother and aunts experts in sewing, i look on and learn.

Okay, let's admit, with occasionally misfire. Yes yes, that's happen !  

Later on, i got badly addited to leather which for me is  the noblest and the most rock material. Leather goes  through the years, it is a symbol of style and brings to Rue Désirée's products this timeless touch.

The combination of these two passions – cause yes, I collect : french beret, cloche hat, chapka, rain hat, Stetson... and leather jackets : in black, red, pink, green, brown, navy... oh my !!! - brings me to create those series that you can see.

I found my inspiration in french fashion, from sunday outings in « les Jardins du Luxembourg » to the 80's, using fabrics as a lining which is telling a story ; sometimes funny  and unconventional, sometimes retro for a vintage pinch or sometimes just poetic. The love and pleasure of imagining beautiful accessories made from the finest fabrics and material, while maintaining respect of Skilled craftsmanship, which gives these products an unmistakable, retro-style and symbolic appearance.